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A Great Getaway Weekend

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A Great Getaway Weekend: Springfield, Illinois --- the Land of Lincoln

Are you looking for a fun getaway this week-end? If so, may I make a suggestion? If you live anywhere within driving distance of Illinois, a trip to the "Land of Lincoln" will be not only educational but great fun as well.

Springfield, Illinois is in the heart of Lincoln country.  Springfield is where Abraham Lincoln bought a home (the only home he ever owned) and carried on his law practice (you can visit his law office). It is also the city where he and Mary Todd Lincoln started their family and spent many happy and contented years. 

Many of the famous Lincoln heritage sites have been preserved and are open for visitors. Let's just run through a few of the more popular Lincoln sites in and around Springfield.

The Lincoln Home.

Located at 8th and Jackson Streets, the Lincoln home has been preserved as part of an eight block historic district. You can actually tour the house where Abraham Lincoln lived between the years of 1844 to 1861. He was living here when he learned he was the winner of the Republican nomination to run for the office of President of the United States. This is also the home he left when he traveled to Washington, and into history, as the nation's 16th president.  

Many of the furnishings in the Lincoln home are either antiques from the period or have been lovingly designed to look exactly like the Lincoln's furnishings.

The Train Depot & Lincoln's Farewell Address

When Lincoln left Springfield on his his inaugural journey to the White House, he first gave his famous farewell address in which he acknowledged his many Springfield friends and neighbors. This emotional speech has become one of Lincoln's most famous and was delivered at the train depot prior to boarding his train. The site of the depot has been restored and includes a public exhibit area.

New Salem, Illinois

New Salem is the small village where Lincoln lived in the 1830s. The village has been historically recreated and you can walk through the town, and visit the homes and businesses known to Lincoln lived as a young, single man in his 20s. 

The village is located just a few miles from Springfield. Choose a guided tour or just leisurely spend the day wandering through all the homesteads while listening to the village citizens tell stories of the young Lincoln.

The Lincoln Museum

Opened in 2007, the Lincoln Museum has many inspiring exhibits from Lincoln’s life. Visitors are impressed by all of the Lincoln exhibits and artifacts, including a rotating exhibit of the most valuable treasures related to the life of Abraham Lincoln. 

When you visit the museum you will also feel the modern touch of the 21st century, including many multimedia exhibits. Don't miss the eye-popping show called "Ghosts of the Library" that incorporates an unbelievable effect called Holavision.

If you want a really inspirational week-end, why not head out to Springfield, Illinois?  There you will be able to visit all the well known sites in the "Land of Lincoln?"

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